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Rapid Care offers a full line of first aid kits for every possible occasion and use. We know our products need to perform during that critical moment, be it a minor bruise on the soccer field, or a more serious injury from an auto accident. So every Rapid Care First Aid kit is designed with purpose and manufactured with care, so it will be there when you need it most. Rapid Care supplies first aid kits meet and exceed OSHA guidelines and ANSI standards, so you can rest assured that your school, worksite or office is in full compliance with the law.


No one knows when an injury is going to happen. Keep a Rapid Care First Aid kit close at hand so you’ll be ready. Rapid Care First Aid was founded with one focus…the health and safety of our customers. We know they depend on our products to perform during every type of emergency situation. When it is needed most, Rapid care is there for its customers.


Rapid Care offers a full line of first aid kits for every use, be it at home, on the road, on a camping trip or in the workplace, Rapid Care is there. In addition to being a well known brand in the consumer sector, Rapid Care First Aid products are also trusted by hospitals, fire departments, police departments and schools across the nation.